Saturday, March 12, 2011

Auction Fundraiser

All three kids have camps coming up this summer.  Tonight there was an auction at church to help them earn some cash to help pay for the camps.  I made a couple items for the auction to help earn some money for them too. 

The first project was a spring tablerunner.  This one was quick and easy and I used what I had in my stash, so no extra cost!  I followed this tutorial from Amy Smart. 


Here’s the finished tablerunner along with 10 handmade cards packaged for the auction too. 

And I tried my hand at a candy bouquet.  Yum!

Whether or not we got some good money from these crafts, they sure were fun to create! And they got me back to my blog, which I’m happy about!


Kim W said...

How did it go at the auction? Did your goodies bring a good price? Heidi invited us, but we were too tired. That candy bouquet is a cute idea! Great table runner too.

The Gibbs Family said...

Your runner turned out so cute Tina. Thanks for posting the link! Just might add it to my todo list ;)

We Six Nasons said...

So fun, I love that you are back to blogging. The table runner just sings of spring, and who doesn't want some candy!