Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Halloween Table Toppers

You may remember I made this a couple weeks ago.  I was supposed to put a piano key border on it, but it was just a bit crazy for me and I wasn’t sure I liked it.

So instead I decided to try again using mostly black and orange in the center and not using as many different fabrics.  Then I added the piano key border in the purples and greens.


It’s still a bit crazy, but I like it better than the first version.  I put it on my kitchen table, and it fits perfectly there.  I think I need a table topper there alll year round!

I ended up just adding a purple border to the original table topper to help tone it down a bit and put that one on my other table.

Happy Halloween!

1 comment:

diane said...

I love the spooky table topper. The purple and green look great.