Sunday, February 5, 2012

Quick Update

Happy New Year!  Is it too late to say that?

I need to catch up here with you and then maybe I can get back on track with blogging…just maybe!  Right now it just seems overwhelming since I haven’t posted in a while!

I posted one time in November, once in December and once in January.  Hopefully I’ll do better in February!

Looking back at pictures, let’s see what’s been going on around here!

I got back into my flickr swap group: “Bitty Block Committee” in January with the “Red and White on point” swap.  I couldn’t resist red and white bitty blocks!  The blocks we swap are 3.5 inches.  I decided to do a cake stand on point:

And here are all 12:

I’m just waiting for 2 more blocks and I’ll show you the collection.  They are mighty cute!

I’m taking my first quilting class!  You heard me right!  Yes, it’s about time, after 17 years of quilting. 

We were working on English Paper Piecing our first class.  We are doing a sampler, but when she pulled out this Dear Jane I had to snap a picture!


Someday my Dear Jane will be done *sigh*…maybe if I’d work on it, it would get done a little bit faster Winking smile.

I’m excited for my sampler class.  Should be a lot of fun throughout this whole year!  I’m going to be picking out my fabric this week for it.  I’m excited to show you what I pick out!

At our January Quilt Groupbee’s Meeting we made these thread catchers.  This year our curriculum is going to follow along with the class I’m taking. So since we covered English Paper Piecing in class, I’ll be showing the ladies how to English Piece at our February Meeting.

Here’s a pretty good tutorial for English Paper Piecing hexagons:

The way we learned in class was a little bit different, but mostly the same.  It’s fun to have a hand sewing project to work on!

That’s a pretty full post.  I’ll leave it at that and catch up with you more in a little bit!

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FrauGibbs said...

Glad to see your fun post Tina! I'm excited for all the neat things we'll be learning this year!