Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fall Leaves

I joined a swap group this morning that needed one more member.  The theme was Fall/Thanksgiving.  So even though the deadline is Oct 31, I decided to get them done today.  I took pictures along the way, so you can see how this block is made.

I love this quick way of making half-square triangles!  I needed 48 – 1 inch finished half square triangles for my 12 leaf blocks.  So I added one inch to the finished size and measured out a 2 inch grid.  24 squares (6 by 4) yields 48 half square triangles.

Draw a grid on the back of the light fabric, add in the diagonal lines, and sew on 1/4 inch on either side of all the diagonals.  Cut apart on the lines with a rotary cutter.  And voila!  48 half square triangles are done in no time.

The part that takes the longest is the trimming to make them just the right size.  I like to make them a smidge too big, so that I can trim them up to just the perfect size.

It does take a while though…

I needed some chocolate to get through it…

Then I got the stems all sewn.  Just a ribbon sew down the diagonal of the square…easy.

Here are all the  parts, ready to be sewn together.

They made a pretty cool pattern when I put them all up on the design wall together!


They’re all ready to pop in the mail.  And now I’ll be getting fun mail all month as all the fall swap blocks start arriving!


Deb said...

The blocks look great. I like using the same method for HST's also. Much more precise!

Trisha said...

I love fast piecing methods. That is actually one I have never used. I like to make my HSTs a smidge bigger and trim them down. My sister taught me that. *wink* I love the idea for the ribbon for your stem. Fast, easy, and cute! I love how you arranged them on the design wall. Very pretty. Maybe make bigger blocks, a bunch of them, and make a quilt top. hint, hint