Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Swap

We’ve talked about doing a swap for a long time now, and we finally found the perfect opportunity to swap doll quilts...Christmas!

My sister and I have been long distance quilting together for lots of years now.  We have participated in swaps together joking it would be funny if we got matched up.  And also saying we should swap with each other sometime.  Recently we’ve discovered Skype quilting together!

Well, I was going up to visit for Christmas, so we decided now was the time, even though we were busy with other Christmas sewing (she was really busy!) and other holiday commitments. 

And here are the results!  It was so fun to give them to each other in person.  I made this quilt for her.  You might recognize this block from my sampler class this year.  I just love it!

I added a few reminders of me, like the ladybug in the corner, and the same fabric is all over the back.

And here’s the gorgeous hexie quilt she made for me called “Honeycomb.”  I just love it!  She also gave me a hexie needle case…so fun!

It already has a special place on my wall where I can admire it and have a little piece of her with me while I sew.

Thanks Trisha for the fun swap!

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Trisha said...

That was so fun, Tina! Can't wait to do our next sister quilt project!