Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Crazy Wednesday (formerly known as Dear Jane Wednesday)

Tonight is one of those nights when there are too many things going on! My daughter has her third grade performance, my son has his jazz concert at school and both my sons have a Scout Court of Honor tonight. How can we be three places at once???

Today instead of a Dear Jane Wednesday, I got my oil changed and brakes fixed on my van, I am sewing merit badges onto sashes, and catching up on things I've been putting off. My sister couldn't DJ today either because she's working on a baby project right now. So I guess we'll be back at it next week (that's the day before school is out for the summer!--I hope it's not too busy of a day!)

You may have noticed something new on my sidebar. I am going to be participating in a doll quilt swap. They are allowing 100 people to participate, and I was number 80 to sign up. Can't wait to get started!


diane said...

That is cool, when does your quilt swap start?

Tina said...

As soon as they give us our partners we can get started. We don't have to have the quilts mailed until Sep 1.