Wednesday, June 4, 2008

"I'm thankful for glasses."

That's what my daughter said on the way home today from picking up her new glasses.

We've had such a glasses ordeal the past few weeks. We ordered some new glasses the end of April. They were waiting to put the order through until the beginning of May for insurance purposes. When I called mid to late May to see what was going on I finally found out (after 3 calls and promises that they'd call me back) that they never ordered the glasses! A week or so later we found out the frame that we ordered was discontinued, so we had to go back in and pick out new frames. After that, she lost the glasses she had. Then Friday before Memorial Day we figured out she left them on the bus. I got a call back from the transportation department that they had her glasses and they were closing in 15 minutes. Well, I didn't have time to get them right then, so on the following Tuesday I went in to pick them up. And guess what...they were no where to be found!

They've never turned up. But now everyone's happy because she's got her new pair and she can see! We're hoping this new pair will be better for her because we made it so that she can wear them all the time, instead of taking them on and off to see the board. She's got progressive lenses. Now she can wear them for reading and for distance. So hopefully she can be more consistent about wearing them to school. Her teacher will be so happy...just in time for school to end for the summer!


diane said...

When Brynn was little I got her 2 pair. One for school and one for home. The transporting is a pain. She looks darling! I got glasses when I was 7. Now, I'm thankful for lasik.

Mishka said...

Hi Tina,

I approved your request to be added to the
Quilting Bloggers directory. Thanks for posting the banner on your site. I appreciate the support! :)

Happy Quilting,

Tina said...

Thanks Mishka!