Monday, June 2, 2008

Patchwork Balls

From pincushions to patchwork balls, I must be in the mood to stuff patchwork with fiberfill! I made these fun, colorful balls for a baby gift. It's another one of those projects I've been wanting to try. The first couple balls I made were a little lopsided, but these three turned out pretty good.

My kids loved playing with them and want their own made with fabrics of their choice. I think they're great for all ages. They definitely don't hurt if you get hit with one. That's always a plus! I've been having fun throwing them at my kids all day...I mean WITH my kids. :o)

I got the pattern from Scroll down until you see a picture of the balls on the right. Click there to get the free pattern. Thanks Tanya!


ferntyler said...

OK, the pincushion were cute and creative, but the balls are pushing me over the edge. this might have to be a summer project - I could somehow incorporate this into a sharing time for the Primary kids, don't you think?.. thanks for the cute idea - I'll let you know how they turn out :)

diane said...

Oh, those are so stinking cute. My neighbor used to make bean bags to give the neighbor kids for Halloween. They wer a big hit with all ages.

Jen said...

You are so talented. I love that you are a blogger. I will enjoy reading all your previous posts!