Sunday, August 17, 2008

Doll Quilts

I was visiting Nettie's blog where she wrote a post about doll quilts. She was mentioning that it took her a while to "get" doll quilts. But that she has "finally fallen in love" with them. I started posting a comment, and it started to get really long. So I decided I'd better just write a post here since I discovered I had something to say on the subject.

When I began making quilts 14 years ago I started with small wall hangings, or in other words, doll sized quilts. My first book was Little Quilts All Around The House, by Berg, Von Holt, and Johnson. My copy is very well worn from all the hours I spent looking through it. The copyright is 1993, and it was 1994 when I was first bitten by the quilt bug. As I look through the book I see that I have made several projects from its pages.

I loved the antique look, and the miniature size. And I loved decorating with them. But the truth is, most of the things I made I gave away as gifts. I guess things never change.

As the years passed I started making bigger quilts: baby quilts to twin size. The only queen size quilt is the one for my bed that I haven't finished. The biggest project that I am still working on is the Dear Jane quilt, and there again, the blocks are small, 4.5 inches finished, although there are a lot of them!

So when I started blogging and I discovered "doll quilt swaps" on the Internet, I was immediately drawn in. My first swap quilt is on it's way to it's new owner, and I'm excited to hear when it is received. And I'll probably hear tomorrow about my partner for the next swap I'm doing.

A doll sized quilt is quick and easy to put together (once the design is decided upon!), and you get to experience each step in the process of making the quilt. I'm excited to be back to making doll quilts!


ferntyler said...

Those doll size quilts are so cute! (I'll let you know if I see any other kid races - the one brooke did was in PQ and the guy that ran it said he was thinking of doing some running or running/biking races)...

TLC said...

Fun to see all your little quilts again! A little trip down memory lane.

Karen said...

The first quilting magazine I ever bought was Miniature Quilts. Many years pasted before I made one. Just last winter I hand pieced 269 tiny apple cores together. Not the best pattern for a first try. Time for me to get that quilted.

Anyway, love your doll quilt with the hearts on it. Hope to see more.