Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Swap Results Are In!

If you remember....or look back to this post...I participated in a mini quilt in a bag swap in which my partner was unable to make me a quilt. 

She was sweet and sent me a bunch of fabric to make up for it.  I still wanted a little quilt made from the fabric but wondered if I'd ever get around to making one for myself.

Lucky me, John, AKA QuiltDad, left me a comment and asked if I'd like to do a private swap.  He missed round one and offered to make me a little quilt with my fabrics and he'd send me some fabric so I could make him a little quilt. 

Well, here are the results:

my quilt from QuiltDad

This is the quilt he made for me.  He says he's been obsessed with string quilts lately and wanted to make one with different sized blocks.  What a fun little quilt.  I love all the colors, (of course) and I enjoy seeing all the patterns that resulted from the different sized blocks.  He was generous and made it about 24 inches square.  Thanks John!!!

Now here's the quilt I made for him:


The fabric is Tula Pink's Nest and the block I used was the friendship star, but I overlapped the blocks a bit to come up with this design.  And how fun that when he sent me my quilt he included a charm pack (40-5 inch squares) of this same fabric line and some chocolate-yum!

Thanks again Quilt Dad!


Trisha said...

How fun to have a private swap! I love the quilt you made for him. It turned out so great! I like what he did with your fabrics too!

Marilyn said...

What a nice swap! I love the way both of the quilts turned out!

diane said...

Sometimes I really wish I wasn't craft impaired.

Both designs have such a cool graphic quality. I love both sides of the one you made. So fun to make new blog friends.

John said...

You're very welcome! I think it was a very successful swap -- 2 GREAT quilts! Thanks to you, too. : )

Abbie S-Dyer said...

I'm so glad you were at least able to get it turned into a quilt! it looks great, and he probably did a better job than i could have :) Good job guys!