Wednesday, May 27, 2009

And The Winner Is...

Thanks to all who shared their suggestions with me on my beginning quilting lecture! Commenter #6 is the big winner of the $10 gift certificate to Congrats to Sarah C! Thanks everyone for playing!

She says:

i really wish i had a class like this...instead i looked all over the internet for bits and pieces.

One of the big things for me was what thread to use to quilt with. And then does it make a difference if you sew your binding with a different thread? i still don't know if it really makes a difference.

A good cutting mat, a sharp rotary cutter and a few different sized rulers will make your life very easy!

014 I must admit, I don't know a lot about thread. If anyone out there has any bits of knowledge to share on the subject of thread, please do :o).


Sarah C said...

how exciting!!!!! I am actually visiting my sister and teaching her to quilt this i will be spending my GC on fabric to use on her quilt back. thank you!!!!!!

Anne Ida said...

Congratulations to Sarah C!

I have no idea about thread for binding - I have used lots of different ones (basically what has been in the machine) to stitch it down, but I have found my favorite thread to hand stitch it down with is the thinnest Aurifil thread - the stitches basically become invisible.