Friday, July 15, 2011

Bitty Block Committee

I’ve mentioned that I participate in a 3.5 inch block swap on flickr.  Recently we were swapping wonky stars.  Here are the other monthly themes I’ve participated in:

Camping: (mine is the roasting marshmallow)

Black and White, plus one color (I had green):

Beach/Ocean: (mine is the snails trail/monkey wrench – to the right of the light house)

Trees on white:  (mine is not pictured here-I wonder where it is!)

Houses: (mine is bottom left – owl house)

Font/text: (mine is top left – embroidered)

Halloween: (mine is the cauldron)

Modern Christmas: (mine is the pink present-everyone else’s had a pieced bow on it-I gave myself the reject)

and Sewing (mine is the rotary cutter at the bottom)

It’s so fun to get these little blocks in the mail.  Each one comes individually from it’s maker – a little piece of artwork.  Bitty blocks arrive throughout the month from all over the US, Canada, Australia, Brazil and Argentina.

These blocks are piling up.  Do you think I could somehow get these all into the same quilt and it would make sense?  Probably not.

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Trisha said...

What a great collection of 3.5" squares. You could do an "I Spy" type quilt by making all your squares the centers of one kind of block. I think it could work!