Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Doll Quilt Swap 11

I can’t help myself.  Whenever Doll Quilt Swap sign ups start, I can’t stop my self from signing up.  I figure if I am one of the lucky ones to be chosen in the lottery then it was meant to be, right?!

And guess what?  I got in!

Here are the fabrics I’ve chosen to make my secret partner’s quilt:

I picked most of them out on a recent shop hop.

This time around we are going back to our roots.  We were starting to get some really cool art quilts in this swap, and they were getting a lot of attention.  But this round, we are going back to the original ideal of the swap, which is miniature quilt with small pieces and it is supposed to be between 9-18 inches finished.

So I’m starting to cut into my fabric and I’m hoping my partner will love the quilt I’m making for her!

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