Saturday, October 27, 2012


I had an amazing thing happen to me a few months ago.  After donating some money to a charity to benefit a friend’s sister, my name was put into a drawing for a jewelry shopping spree.  I just couldn’t believe it when my friend called me up and told me I was the winner!

There was no way I was going to be able to keep all that to myself.  So I emailed all my sisters and Mom and a couple friends and offered for them to pick something out for their birthdays this year (even if they’d already passed).

Well, the jewelry arrived and I’ve been holding on to all of it for my sisters and my Mom that live up North.  I finally had the opportunity to visit this past weekend for my Mom’s birthday so I was excited to give them their jewelry.

I discovered these cute pouches on Michelle Patterns.  She calls them dumplings.  I actually made one of these up for my daughter’s backpack.  She needed a Contact Lens Kit, and this little pouch ended up being the perfect size for a little bottle and a contact lens case, just barely!

And since it’s never enough to make just one, I made up 4 more for my sisters and mom and popped their jewelry inside for a fun presentation. I love wrapping that can be used later.  I added the ribbon tabs, one on each end, to make it easier to zip open and closed.

They were a big it and I have a feeling more of these will be made in the future!